Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wii Game Reviews!

My friend just told me that he bought his mom a new Wii game for the holiday season. I hope that she likes it and I know that he hopes so too, but he isn’t sure. If only I had learned about this cool new Wii Game Reviews wiki website earlier, I could have told him to check it out and review the game there before he got it. But, since I can’t help him, I can help all of my readers out there who are also Wii players—after all, who isn’t? Now, this website is different from the other gaming websites that I have talked about before because it is a wiki- meaing that it is easy to use and that anyone can go add content to it. That means that the website is full of actual users’ opinions which is great news because you can get real opinions about the various games. As well, you can look at the games via category, that way if you know that you like a certain type of game or someone else you might be buying the game for likes a certain type, then you can easily see what other games are in that same category. The website is a great new tool for anyone looking for Wii game reviews, so please check it out!


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