Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday, I had a small accident while I was washing and putting away my dishes. I accidentally knocked one of my bowls off of the counter and I tried to catch it, but I just wasn’t quick enough. It fell on the ground and broke into a thousand little pieces. Okay, it wasn’t actually a thousand little pieces, more like five big pieces and lots of little pieces, but it had the same effect. It was pretty sad because my bowls came in a set of four, along with everything else from that same set. Now, I only have three bowls and they don’t sell them by the single, so if I get another set, I will end up with 7 bowls and 8 of everything else. Oh well, it isn’t as if these dishes were going to be my dishes forever, at least I hope that they aren’t going to be my dishes for ever—or my only dishes—and as one of my roommate pointed out, I would have been much sadder if someone else broke the bowl other than me. And, they would have probably felt bad about it forever, so it is just as well that I did it and not somebody else.


Cromely said...

I hate when that happens. If it's a popular enough design, you may find a single bowl replacement on eBay. Someone may have had a similar experience.

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