Tuesday, December 16, 2008


At the present moment, my face is pretty sore because certain parts of it- mostly on my checks, are super chapped!! I put a whole bunch of face lotion- for dry skin-- on it earlier and hopefully that will help it be less chapped. It already feels better but it still feels bad-- if that makes any sense. I should have put more lotion on it when I first noticed the problem, but I was too busy to be bothered, and bang, suddenly, it was worse. I guess it is true what they say- a stitch in time saves nine... only I wasn't sewing, but I think that the principle of the matter still applies.

Well, so far, it has been cold outside, but it is has not snowed and nor has it rained. It is however, still very cold. But, I can handle the cold so long as there is not oodles amounts of water or snowy stuff falling from the sky!


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