Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, I also wanted to post an update about the progress of my paper writing-- more for my benefit than anyone else's. I have finally figured out good topics for all of them, and I have started my research. After school today, I am going to work on completely the shortest one and I am going to work on an extra credit paper. I am fairly certain that I can get all of that done tonight after school. Then, tomorrow, I can't believe that it is already going to be Friday, I am going to work on the paper that has to be the longest. However, since I have decided to compare mythologies, I think that it should work out well and it shouldn't take me too horribly long to write. I also hope that I have fun writing the paper because paper writing is so much more fun when it is about a subject that is interesting rather than a dull subject. I hate it when I have horrible subjects for my papers because the papers are painful to write. If that makes any sense, but I believe it does to anyone who has ever had to write a paper that they didn't care to write!


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