Thursday, December 4, 2008

I was so silly last night. Tori and I were talking about our need for gloves due the horribly cold weather and I comletely forgot that I actually own a very nice pair of gloves. We had decided, well before I remembered this fact, that the first person to come across a pair of gloves was to buy the other a pair as well. After awhile, once I got back home, I decided to read this book that I have been reading off and on for awhile now, and in the middle of it, I remembered that I owned some gloves and that I had better tell Tori not to bother to buy me any-- although in retrospect, having more than one pair of gloves probably isn't a bad idea--- anyway, I stopped reading and went to find them. Of course, since I wanted them, I couldn't find them at all. Finally, after looking for about 30 minutes, I found them in one of my purses that was hanging up on the wall. Boy was I glad! I did lend to Tori though since she leaves earlier than I do and by the time that I leave for school the weather has warmed up a bit. Hopefully, though, she will ge her own soon and then we can both have warm fingers again!


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