Monday, December 22, 2008

More on C'elle And An Exciting Contest!!!- You Could Win A C'elle Collection Kit!

I’ve talked about C'Elle a few times on my blog before, but if any of you missed it or need a recap, then please pay attention to the following information. C’elle is a great an innovative product created by Cryo-Cell that allows you, or any woman, to collect her menstrual blood. Then, the package is sent back to the C’elle lab, in pre-paid packaging, where they sort out and harvest some of the menstrual blood stem cells. These stem cells are then saved in a bank for further use. These menstrual blood stem cells have potential use to help in alleving or curing of so many diseases like heart disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc. Not only can they help you but they can also potentially help any of your first-degree relatives like brother, mother, child. It is absolutely amazing.

Personally, I think that this service is absolutely amazing. There isn’t that many products out there that are so proactive and have an ability to potentially save lives. It is for this reason that I think C’elle would make an excellent gift- either for yourself- after all, you have to be one of the most important people to yourself—or for someone else that you know. Now, I never have actually gotten a gift of that caliber- I think that the best gift I ever received was a reconciliation with one of my family members, that was great but C’elle is in a whole other level.

So, dear readers, if you were going to give the gift of C’elle, to who would it go to? If you comment and let me know, then you will be entered into a contest to actually win one of C’elle’s collection kits worth $699 so that you can try this amazing product out for yourself!! So, tell me, what would you do with C’elle?


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