Sunday, December 21, 2008


Personally, I love having a cell phone because it allows me to call people, text people, or get on the internet in places that I might not otherwise be able to do so. The one thing that I don’t really like about my cell phone is the lack of ring-tones on it. Sure, I have the factory default ring-tones, but for the most part, those are pretty boring, as I imagine that they are on any cell phone. I could get more ring-tones if I wanted, but I hate the fact that it costs a few dollars for each ring-tone. But, those were the old days, people! I just found a great site called Mobizaar. Now, one of the great things about this webiste is that they offer free ringtones and free wallpapers. All well, you can upload a song from your computer onto the site and make a 5 to 10 second ring tone of your very own!! As well, you can create a mobile internet site where you can put your ring tones on it and your wall paper to share it with your family and your friends. Please check out Mobizaar - Free Ringtones and Wallpapers , it’s an amazing site!


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