Thursday, December 25, 2008

Free WodPress Themes!

Personally, I love changing my blog from the norm because then it is so much more personalized than if I just used the default template. Of course, it can be a challenge when I am looking for new templates. Did you know that different blogging clients require different html in the templates to make it work? I am not sure how much different they are from one another, but they are different enough, which is a little sad for me because I found a really great site that offers loads and loads of free wordpress themes. Free Theme Layouts has so many different themes on there! For whatever you like, you can find what you need. For example, they have eco-themes, space themes, flower themes, color paper themes, and so many other types that it would take me a day to type them out! You can download the theme that you want instantly, so it is a very quick process! Please check it out if you have a wordpress site and you have been looking for a new theme. Trust me, personalization of your blog is a great way to make it your own and to make your website more than just a run of the mill site!


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