Monday, December 22, 2008

Dani Black Shoes

I have always been a shoe person and I have always loved getting new shoes. Luckily for me, my feet haven’t gotten larger since I was about nine, so I have quite the collection growing. Although, I must admit that my tastes have changed a bit since I was a child. I was browsing this great site for shoes earlier,, and I saw so many that I liked! The dani black shoe collection really is awe-inspiring. The website offers all sorts of different styles of shoes like flats, sandals, pumps, wedges, platforms, boots, shoe boots, and evening. Dani Black also offers a lot of different shoe brands as well, like Vellum, Cruise, Gunner, Candy, etc, just to name a few. I saw the cutest pair of Claremont boots on there that would be great to wear for an evening out or just around the town. I also saw a really cute pair of Vellum pumps, okay I actually saw more than just one pair, but this pair in particular was really pretty. They are pink and they have the cutest flower embellishment on them. This pair, I think, would be great for work or if I needed to dress up for some occasion. Of course, I could wear them with jeans; I have seen a lot of people doing that as of late. The possibilities for these shoes are endless! If you are at all into shoes, then check out this website! Dani Black even has a sale section and you can enter to win a free pair of shoes! Sounds like a great deal to me!


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