Sunday, December 21, 2008


My cousin always tries to prank call me and tell me that she is somebody different from whom she really is. Now, it used to be funny before I got caller-id, but now that I know, it just isn’t funny anymore because I can tell that it is she. I’d try pranking her back, but she has caller id too, so it kind of defeats the purpose. But, I just found a really interesting website called Cardfish and the Cardfish Phone call service that they have is hilarious. Basically, how it works is that you go to the website, enter in your information and your friends information—the person that you want to prank. Then, you pick out one of their hilarious web-cards to send to them. These are video cards, which just helps to make the joke better. Then, after you pay for it—or right now you can do this for free if you click pay by coupon and enter in the code FREE--- it sends them an email. While they are viewing the video, the Cardfish service calls them on the telephone and it is just hilarious. Give it a try, and remember you can do it for free, and see if you don’t find it funny!


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