Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tori and I signed up to stay here over Thanksgiving Break. Whlie we were putting our names on the list, I got a chance to see how many other people will also be staying over for Thanksgiving. I think that we will be in the company of about 25 to 30 other people, unless there is a strong influx of people deciding to stay that sign up tomorrow (tomorrow is the last day that you can say that you are going to be staying over the break). Tori feels sorry for all those people that have to stay and she thinks that we should invite them to dinner and have our own little Thanksgiving party. I am inclined to agree with her because it would be rather fun and because if everyone brought something, it wouldn't be expensive at all. Although since we are still a bit uncertain about own Thanksgiving plans, I don't think that it is very wise to go inviting people to a dinner that we might not even have. My roommate's mother did invite me to go home with them over the break, which I thought was very, very sweet. It would be so much fun, no doubt, but I am still a bit uncertain if I want to do that because I don't want to leave Victoria alone. Although, our grandpa would love someone to go and visit him. In fact, he would love both of us to come and visit him, but unfortunately, he does not really have enough room for both of us to stay. But, whatever happens, if we end up staying here or not, I am sure that we will have a fun Thanksgiving because either way we will be around people we care about!


Mountain Woman said...

That's what the holidays are all about; the time we spend with the people who are important to us. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

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