Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tori and I ran down to the corner market earlier and it was so, so, so cold outside! I was wearing capris and I quickly realized that it wasn't really capri weather at all! By the time we got to the corner market, my lower legs were so very cold. I almost didn't think that I would make it down that far because it was so cold!! Luckily it was fairly warm inside of the store so I got a good chance to get good and warm before we walked back home. I have decided though that I had better not put my capris away for the time being and only wear pants or jeans out from now on unless we get an influx of heat! Anyway, at the store, Tori got chocolate and soda and I noticed that they have my favorite type of corndogs though in the frozen foods section!!! I was so very excited when I saw that! I think that sometime Tori and I will have to go back there and get them. Also, amazingly, this time their ATM was working, which really is amazing since every other time that I went in there to use it, it was broken, which in hind sight was only once. Anyway, we got what we wanted and dinner was delicious!


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