Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale

Right now, during Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale there are a host of different products on sale. Although, the most exciting news that I saw when I looked at the Sears website is that all Kenmore cookware, bakeware, kitchen appliances and grills are on sale! One particular Kenmore product that I found that was on sale that I am just dying to have is the Kenmore 7.2 cu ft chest freezer! It is small enough to fit into our very tiny kitchen or dining room and it is more than large enough to hold all of the extra items that our current itty-bitty freezer won’t hold. This would not only be a great present for me but it would also be a great present for all of my roommates because they would love having the extra freezer space too. I can also see my sister having on of these in her apartment too because she has the exact same problem that I have—one small freezer and four thrifty people. Plus, if I got such a freezer for myself or my sister, we would never need to buy another one, as long as it lasted, and we would never run out of freezer space again! Check out the awesome Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale folks, I’m sure you’ll find something to thrill you too!


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