Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is very random, but the vending machine in our study lounge is broken, well not broken exactly but pretty messed up. First, it wouldn't take more than $1.75 in change which is not helpful at all since that particular machine doesn't offer anything for under $2.00. So, I put in a dollar coin, because I happened to have one and it took that. Then, when I tried to use it after I made my intial purchase it wouldn't take more than a quarter and I only had one dollar coin so I couldn't buy the rest of what I wanted to get. It is very annoying and random, but it will take bills but since I don't have any, that doesn't help me at all. Oh wel, hopefully when they come out to service it, they will be able to fix the machine and let it take more than a quarter or I think that their sales are going to decrease if you can only use dollar coins or bills in there!


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