Monday, November 17, 2008

My very, very nice roommate, let me use some her waffle mix and her waffle iron so that I could have waffles for dinner! I was so excited, because I have really been having a hankering for waffles, but since I don't have a waffle iron and I don't have any pre-made ones, I just assumed that I was going to have to not have any, but my sweet roommate let me use her stuff to make some. So, I had waffles and bacon for dinner. It was very delicious and now I am full- but in a good way, so I'm pretty happy!

I just realized that I haven't put my laundry in the washing machine yet so I must go do that soon! The only problem is that I am in the midst of watching NCIS and I have to wait until a commercial before I go put my laundry in the machine. I haven't seen this episode and I don't want to miss anything! Anyway, I had better finish up this post because it looks like it is going to be commercial in a second and I am going to have to run down and do it quickly if I am going to be able to get it loaded and started before the show comes back on again!!


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