Friday, November 14, 2008

Last year, in 2007, when USA created "The Starter Wife" miniseries, I was pretty excited. I loved every episode that they put out. So, earlier this year, when they decided to make it a series, I was pretty happy. Unfortunately, I haven't really been able to keep up with the show. I keep catching episodes here and there, but I haven't seen enough to make an opinion as to if I like it yet or not. I think that they changed some of the actors for the characters- no one too important, but I do think that they gave her a new ex-husband and obviously a new daughter-- but they also seemed to have introduced some new characters that I have no idea what to think of because I haven't seen enough of it. I guess that I need to find some place where I can catch up on the show, with explanations and what not. I know that I can look up the episodes on USA, but if anyone cares to fill me in on what has been going on, I'd appreciate it!


asmaliana said...

It's mean women are the most viewers of tv series. They must thanks all the women..!

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