Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have decided that I am going to take French next semester. I took four years of French in High school, but I haven't taken any since then. I've always wanted to, but the first college that I went to only offered French Level 1 and I was so far beyond that level that I didn't want to bother. When I switched over to the local university, I always wanted to take it there, but it was always offered at funky times that never fit into my schedule. This semester I was going to take it, but the only class that would fit into my schedule was French Level 1 and that was so easy that I couldn't stay in there. Now, next semester, French Level 4 fits in there perfectly and a conversational French class also fits into it. I'm very excited and I think that I am going to take both so that I can really get caught back up. I am also going to be studying my French books between now and then, so hopefully, just hopefully, I will be able to excel and not be too far behind since I have forgotten a lot. Wish me luck!


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