Thursday, November 6, 2008

I had two very strange dreams last night. Okay, generally, I have strange dreams all the time so it isn't that unusual, but my dreams from last night were pretty weird. Firstly, I dreamt that I was riding along with my friends on these old country roads outside of town when suddenly this old man on the side of the road gave me a Vespa. In my dream, I was pretty excited, so I got on the Vespa and I started riding for hours and hours. But, I remember thinking that I had better stay on deserted roads since I don't know how to drive a Vespa and I didn't want to get into an accident. FInally, when I decided to come back home, I got a little lost and I went through this town that I had never seen before. Luckily for me, I found all of these people in the town who knew me, and I was able to ask them for directions to get back on the highway. Then I woke up. If dreams are supposed to mean something, I have no idea what that one means unless it means that I secretly want a Vespa....

The second dream that I had last night dealt with the future. I dreamt that it was about 10 years in the future and I was married and I was pregnant. Only, I had been pregnant for awhile and I didn't want to be pregnant anymore so I was doing all of these exercises to help induce labor. Like, I got down and I started doing push ups. But, that didn't work, so my cousin flew out from Texas to help me do my exercises. That is about all of the dream that I can remember, although I did get really mad at my dream husband for some reason. No clue what that one means either, except maybe that pushups are good exercise but I think that would have a hell of a time doing them if you were super pregnant!


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