Thursday, November 6, 2008

I got my new roasting pan today! I am so excited because now I can make turkeys. Whole turkeys are so cheap right now that it just makes me sad that we don't have more freezer room because it would be great to be able to put them in there. Although, we might be able to get one, cook it up, eat it and freeze the other meat after it is deboned. I shall have to ask Tori if she has enough room in her freezer for that, because she might likely. My freezer is pretty packed full right now, but I might be able to have part of it in there. Her freezer on the other hand, is pretty empty because no one ever wants to put stuff in there. I guess they don't cook too much over at her apartment, besides her or they are just too poor to do so. I have no idea. Anyway, I think that getting two turkeys when we next go to the store might be a good idea. We can save one for Thanksgiving and cook the other one up as a pretrial! It will be great!


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