Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don’t feel very good right now and I have the sinking suspicion that I am getting a cold. Great! It’s right in time for Thanksgiving! Hopefully it goes away because being sick is awful enough but being sick during vacation is just adds insult to injury. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and by Thursday be all better because who wants to be sick on Thanksgiving? Certainly not me! I do plan on going to bed soon, so hopefully I will sleep better tonight than I have the past few nights and I know just getting regular sleep will help me to feel way better!!

I didn’t get any homework done today at all! Although, I am thinking that I could read a little bit before I go to bed, which I might as well do because at this rate, I am going to get nothing more done and before I know it, vacation will be over and I will have all of this extra work to do on top of studying for finals and turning in whatever last little bit of assignments that I have to turn in before the semester starts. I’m just excited for when it is Winter vacation because I won’t have any homework during that and I can truly relax. I still have to figure out what I want to do during vacation though, besides work, because I will get very bored if I don’t have a project to complete- that is just my nature. Anyway, I had better go and read so that I can thank myself later!


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