Monday, October 13, 2008

If you have an a mp3 player, like most people do now and days, then no doubt you buy music for it. Or perhaps, you buy music or buy mp3 downloads for people for gifts. Music downloads, can after all, make a really good gift because you can give it for quite a few occasions! There are a few sites that you can do this from, but most of them I find to be really expensive. Well, it can be really expensive if you want to buy more than one song, which most people do because one song really isn’t that much! Sure, 99 cents probably isn’t that bad for one song, but what if you put 100 songs on there, then that would be 100 dollars! I don’t think that I could ever spend that much on songs, at least not on a lot of songs, because it would make me too upset to realize how much money I’ve spent when buying the CD would probably be cheaper. But did you know that if you want to buy mp3 music at a reasonable rate, that you can get it for 14 cents per song at!!! Now, that is a price that I can stomach and it is so much cheaper than a lot of other sites out there. You can get about 7 songs per dollar rather than 1!! That is such a huge, huge difference--for example, you could get 100 songs for $14!! If you don’t know how well you’d like it, then you should check out the site—it’s You can get some free credits to test out the site. Believe me, after you do, I’m sure that you will never want to go back to all of those other expensive sites! I’m sure that all of you will be downloading songs and other mp3 downloads that you can get on the site! Be sure and check it out!


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