Thursday, October 23, 2008

Since I am going to be taking break from crocheting and knitting for awhile, I figure that I shall turn my attention to working on my family tree. I have been working on my family tree since I was about 12, I think, and I have become thoroughly addicted in the past 10 years. When I first started, I used mostly Family Tree Maker and I moved on to Unfortunately, when I went to the other day, it seemed that it has mostly become a paid site. This makes me sad, but whatever, there are slews of other sites out there. I do have a gencircles account, which I like very much, so I think I am going to be focusing my research over there. Does anyone have any good genealogy sites that they use that they wouldn't mind sharing? It would be my dream to someday put everything, all my research and what not, onto my own personal website. However, I have no idea how I could put my family tree up there without completely ruining the format. How I have seen most people do it does not appeal to me because it is hard for me to read-- it is almost like bullet style. So, if anyone knows how to do that, I'd also appreciate some tips! For right now though, I think I am going to start researching the areas that people lived in for a long time and try to figure out more of what they did there and why they left. It should be an interesting adventure and I am looking forward to my results!


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