Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One thing that I don't like about living here is that there is no hose, moreover, I don't even think there is an outside water to which I could hook up a hose. Obviously, I could use a hose for about a million things, but the one thing that I really want to do is clean out the trash can. It has gotten quick grimy since we have been here and the only other way that I can think of to clean it out is to stick it in the shower and clean it out in there. Of course, that is going to make the shower horribly dirty, so then I will have to clean out the shower. Luckily, my roommate says that she has the all the things we could possibly need to clean the shower, so tomorrow I am going bite the bullet and wash out the trash can and the shower! Hopefully, it won't be too big of a hassle, although I am thinking that it will be, but at least we will have a very clean trashcan when I am done and I very clean shower! Those are at least two major pluses!


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