Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's quite cold and foggy outside today! It is amazing. I have never seen it like this here, so this is a treat. I am looking forward to going to school later because the walk ought to be pleasant. I think that it is going to rain this weekend, so it will be perfect weather for staying in doors and watching movies or reading. It should be a nice opportunity to catch up on that! Most of the time, on the weekends, if my roommates are here, we will all hang out and do something, but since it is Halloween weekend, both of them are going to their respective homes to celebrate it there. Which means, that I will be alone, besides Tori of course, and should be able to catch up on quite a bit of things.

One thing that I need to get done this weekend, well actually it is a lot of different things that fall under the same category, is my homework. That should be a lot of fun, I reckon! Ha, I have two papers that I need to write. Actually, i really only have to write write one paper, the other paper only has to be a rough draft. I also have to decide if I want to start working on an extra credit paper that I am going to be doing or if I am going to save that for later. Likely, I shall start working on it because I can't save all of my homework for later, then nothing at all would ever get done. That would not be good.

Today, besides going to class and doing class work, I have to get going on some reading, school reading that is, that I have unfortunately let pile up. The only good thing that I can think about school reading is that at the end of the term, I can sell back all of my school books and I'll have a little bit of extra money. Since textbooks are so very expensive, it is actually kind of nice to have that to look forward too. Although, it does anger me when they come out with a new edition, making the old edition defunct and practically worthless. It is not nice to spend upwards to $80 on a book and then three months later have it be worth a quarter. All I can say to anyone who has to buy textbooks, get them used and get the back edition if you can!

Anyhoo, that was a side rant! After I finish my school reading, I have to finish working on Tori's costume. It is thankfully almost done! I managed to finish the dress yesterday, all it really needs is ironed! Although, I might sew ribbons on the bottom, I'm still debating about that one. Now, I have to finish her bonnet. I cut out all the pieces for it yesterday, but the fabric desperately needs ironed, so I must work on that. Also, I have to hem the nice piece of charmeuse that I found to be her shawl. Then, I have to sew up the little hand bag that I am making for her. Her costume ought to be complete after that!


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