Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm super happy because I just got my tires pumped up!!! It took a lot of work but I got my pump to work. That makes me so happy and it makes me feel so much better because I was being to think that there was a problem with my tires! I am so glad to know that there is not a problem with my tires!! The bike is still rather greasy, but less greasy than it was because I got a lot of while I was pumping up the tires. Yeah, that was fun..... Anyways, this means that I should be able to ride it around tomorrow!! Of course, I can't ride at night because I don't have a bike headlight on there yet. I had one, but it broke, so I just went ahead and other another one that had some really good reviews. I hope that it works out for me!

Also, to Ollie, I saw that you wanted the recipe for my lentil soup with cumin so I am going to try to type that up and post it for you tomorrow! I did get it from a cookbook that I love, "The Everything Vegetarian Cookbook" but I had to tweek it a bit since I put in more of some ingredients and changed certain things since I didn't have what it called for (at least, I should say that I changed the form of something)!!

Tonight, for dinner, we had tuna casserole and it was very yummy! I always use mayonnaise in mine with some vinegar to get rid of the mayonnaise taste and I serve it cold. Nothing is more delicious, well, I shouldn't say nothing, but I do think that it is pretty good. If anyone wants the recipe for that too, I'll try to remember to post it!


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