Saturday, October 18, 2008

Air New Zealand

I just found out about the coolest contest. Well, it is a contest and a promotional event. Air New Zealand of is holding a casting call contest in October. They will be selecting 30 adults to have their head shaved and then tattooed to serve as cranial billboards in Los Angeles! Air New Zealand is hoping to drum up a lot of good marketing with this, and I think that they will be able to! I’ve never been to New Zealand, but I have always wanted to go. In fact, my dear cousin Clara is there right now with her husband Dave. This is her first time abroad, so I am sure that she is bound to have a life changing experience. I would think that my most life changing experience as been when I traveled to Wisconsin because I learned a lot about myself. Of course, I’m sure that when I do get to go to New Zealand, it’ll change my life in ways that I can’t even imagine!

I’m not personally too keen on the idea of shaving my head, but I bet that there are a lot of folks out there who are willing and ready. I think that it would be really neat to get someone from New Zealand to do that or to get someone who is a New Zealander. That’d be too much fun. Like perhaps this fellow?

Anyway, check out the link if that sounds fun to you!


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