Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today has been a day of homework and catching up of sorts. Actually, I started doing all of that last night. I got my laundry done and my floor vacuumed yesterday. I also got a small amount of homework done, but not a lot. Today, I've been working on my homework for my plant science class, mostly, and I a little bit for my kinesiology class. I still have a great deal more that I have to get done, but I am making some progress on it. Tonight, they are playing "Iron Man" here where I live, so a group of us are going to go and see it. It should be a lot of fun. I want to get as much homework done as I possibly can before the movie, because if I don't, then I won't enjoy the movie at all because I will be too busy worrying over my neglected homework to even pay attention to what is going on in the film. Only, I don't feel like doing homework at all because I have a nasty headache! I don't know what it is from, because I am not dehydrated and I don't get stress headaches. Hopefully it will go away soon though because it is really putting a cramp in my homework style!


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