Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home and Bedroom

Since moving to my new place, I’ve really been contemplating getting some bedroom furniture. Sure, my room came furnished, but rather sparsely! I could really do with some bookcases, an extra chair for sitting, and some small drawers. Only, because I am not close to any furniture store, I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to order these items online. (Can you image trying to bring back something on the bus?) One website that I have found that has just what I’ve been looking for is “Home and Bedroom”. They have some of the prettiest Bedroom Sets that I have ever seen, and at really good prices! They also carry some of the best furniture brands out there, South Shore Furniture and Prepac Furniture. “Home and Bedroom” also has some really cute Children’s furniture that I am going to have to send to my mother to look at it. I’m sure the boys would love new bunk beds! They also sell bedding, comforters, and daybed comforter sets—which can be hard to find! I love how they have a live chat feature, so if you need help finding anything, they are right there to help you. Check out the link and see what I’m talking about folks because they are definitely going in my bookmark bar for when I’m furniture shopping!


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