Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Personally, I am not the biggest sports fan out there, but I do enjoy a well played game of baseball, football, soccer, golf, tennis (okay maybe I am more of a sports fan that I want to admit) every now again. However, even though I am not the biggest fan out there, I’m still enjoying Sportsviews. What is Sportsviews, you might be wondering, well I’ll tell you! Sportviews is this awesome new sports social network where you can do almost anything sports related! You can create a blog, share videos, pictures, etc. Probably two of the coolest elements about Sportsview are that you can discuss sports—which if you are a fan of anything you can appreciate—and you can bet on sports events and issues! You can even invite others and challenge them to a bet that you’ve created. The other really great part about Sportsviews that I love is that it is 100% free!! So, you don’t have to worry anymore if you can’t find someone to watch the game with you or discuss it afterwards, just log onto Sportsviews, get yourself an account, and voila, a whole connection to new people who want to talk about the same sporting subjects that you do! I’m game! (pun totally intended!)


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