Monday, September 8, 2008

So even with all of my efforts to go to bed on time, I can never manage it. I'm pretty sure that I have gotten myself into this awful, awful routine of going to bed past midnight and it is going to be mighty hard to break. I"m not doing anything other than being on the internet or watching a movie. It's horrible!! Like last night, I started watching "27 Dresses", and of course, I should have said, forget it, and watched it today, but I really, really, wanted to see what happened. So, I didn't get to bed until pretty late, like 3 am. I am going to endeavor to stay awake today and get to bed at a regular time. Which, hopefully, just hopefully, I will be able to manage. Right now I am doing some more homework and waiting on the shower. After that, I'm back to homework! Yipee! Should be fun.


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