Friday, August 8, 2008

Things the kids used to think/say/do


1. Lasterday-  my niece Rosie coined this term.  It can mean any time in the past, not just yesterday, which makes it so useful!

2. Cowberry- this is term Rosie used for 'cowgirl' for the longest time.  She could say girl, but she would never call her boots, cowgirl boots, just cowberry boots.  It was very cute.

3. Big Ladyian-- this is what Johnny says for Canadian-- don't ask me where he got Big Ladyian!

4. Goregard- Johnny is convinced that his name is "Big John Beauregard" but he says "Goregard" for Beauregard, but if you pronounce it is as Go, he gets very mad since he knows it should be Beau.

5. Curray- the kids version of hurray.


1. Whenever Rosie would wear a cowgirl-- eer, I mean cowberry, hat, she would take it off every few minutes and go- 'yee-haw'.

2.- Fake snore-- when Rosie was about 1 1/2 she learned to fake snore and she would lay down on the title and fake snore to her hearts content.  She generally did this when she was supposed to be doing something else. It was so funny!

3.  Icing the garden-- Since the garden likes water, Johnny figured that the garden would also like some ice--- I had to correct him, but it was pretty darn funny!


1. All of the kids, Junior, Johnny, and Rosie (well not anymore since her mom has a webcam) are convinced that people on the webcam actually live in the computer and somehow got stuck in there.  So, when my cousin moved away and I talked to her on my webcam, the kids were convinced that she moved into my computer! haha.

There were a few other things but I can't remember them all right now. Does anyone have any similar stories? Please do share them!


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