Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sproutwells

Above is this new animated series that I just watched,
called The Sproutwells, produced by
It's about this vegetable family that leaves among humans.
It's pretty funny, the particular episode above is about the
adopting a dog named "Phyto". He's cute, but I must say
my favorite character has got to be the mean neighbor lady.
I don't know there is just something about her! FreshFunds,
the producers, have a really neat website, if you sign up,
you can earn points, win prizes, donate to charity,
bid on items such as a Wii. You will also, more importantly,
get great tips about snacking and living in a healthy manner.
Watch the video, I'm sure you'll get hooked
on the Sproutwells, just like I am!

Sponsored by Fresh Funds


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