Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So, I got my bike!!! It is pretty podunk and old, but since it was super cheap, I couldn't pass it up. It also works really well, so I'm pretty happy. I am still going to go to the bike auction next week and see what they have there. Who knows? Besides, having a spare bike would hardly be a bad thing, especially once you consider that Tori doesn't have a bike at all. I do need to lower the seat, so it will be more comfortable to ride, but for right now, it is okay. Also, I need to practice riding it because I have not ridden a bike in such a long time, I'm pretty wobbly, especially turning! But tomorrow, I plan on riding around and getting the hang of it. Besides that, I did get some more homework done and my laundry, but beyond that, I didn't get anything else done. It took me longer to do the things that I did than I thought it would. Yikes!! I might do some more homework tonight, but I don't know that I will because I'm pretty exhausted. Hopefully I can go to bed earlier tonight than last!


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