Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm loving it!

I totally love living down here, I am having the best time in the world! It really helps that I have the three coolest roommates in the world too! I love it!! I also love school, the area, etc.  The one thing that I do not love is the weather though, it is has been hotter than hell, excuse my language, and I am so not used to that! Where I used to live, 75 was pushing it and 80 was flat out too hot to be outside!! Wednesday is going to be awful since it is going to be like 106.  Yeah, I am not looking forward to that in the slightest.  At least I have really good air conditioning where I live and a fan.   The only other thing that I don't like is that I still have a head cold and the sniffles.  Seriously, I hope this goes away soon because it is draining a lot of my energy!!  Anyways, I had best be getting to bed since I have to wake up tomorrow and go to school, along with taking out my trash, finishing my curtains and vacuuming my room.  It will be fun though!  And, I will try to be a better updater and entrecard dropper!


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