Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Fat Loss Guru

I stumbled across a pretty interesting website earlier today, called The Fat loss Guru.  I’m sure you guessed it, yes; it is a weight loss site, specifically a diet site.  Only, this website is not really like any other dieting website that I have seen before, and it is definitely not like Weight Watchers.   The Fat Loss Guru actually promotes eating, and you don’t have to buy any special food like you do for diets like Jenny Craig, which is actually really helpful since you might want to go out to eat at some point and other diets can make this a huge chore since you can only have specific foods—specifically their brand.   The Fat Loss Guru plan isn’t restrictive at all, which is also a plus, you are allowed to eat carbs—which is a good thing seeing that your body actually needs carbohydrates to function properly, and The Fat Loss Guru diet isn’t a low caloric diet which is also a plus because you need calories in function as well.   So, you might be wondering then, if The Fat Loss Guru isn’t low caloric, low carb, and not anti-food in general, then how in the world could you possibly lose weight on it?  Well, according to The Fat Loss Guru’s website, the secret to losing weight is by eating more.  This happens by eating more meals throughout the day.  But, there is more to it, you have to be eating the right types of foods at the right times to jump-start your metabolism in order for the weight to come off.  This might all sound very confusing, especially the part about how you would know what time to eat what types of food, but the website outlines it all very clearly.  It seems the average person should have no trouble at all following this diet; it’s very simple because the work is done for you!  If you are looking for a diet at all, you might consider the Fat Loss Guru, especially because it states that followers can lose 10 pounds every 7 days!!! 


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