Friday, August 8, 2008




Unfortunately the new watch that I just got for my birthday is now lost! I have no idea what happened to it, so I’ve been browsing the Internet for other watches in case I want to buy a new one if I can’t find my other one.  One place that I have been looking is at The Watchery, I especially like their Cartier watches.  They are absolutely some of the most beautiful watches that I have ever seen.  I really, really like this watch-


One of the things that I think is so neat about The Watchery is that a lot of the watches that they have are eligible for a free watch promotion—where you can basically get another watch of less or equal value for free!  How neat is that?  I always thought it would be nice to have more than one watch because there are so many occasions that you might need a dressier or plainer watch for!  Like dinners, school, fancy social occasions, etc!  Or, if you don’t need two watches you can always give one for a gift.  I think that watches make excellent gifts, because who doesn’t need to know what time it is?  Definitely be sure to check out The Watchery, especially their Cartier watches.  


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