Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Such a bad updater

Yeah, so I am about the worst blog updater in the world.  But, in truth, I do try, at least when I remember to, but mostly I forget.   And then, ten years later, I remember to update it again.  I shall endeavor to do better for the future.  Like now, see me, I am updating my blog.   Firstly, I am still going to Chico.  WOOHOO.  And apparently, for my last post, I didn't know how to count because it wasn't twenty-tw0 more thursdays, it was like nineteen or something.   Anyway, now it is much less than that, it is more like eleven or something?  I don't know, every-time I count, I get another number.  That is why I am not a math major or whatever.  HAHAHAHA.

Okay, I am going to count again and then let you know.  It's twelve, including this Thursday, so that is not too terrible.  And of course, that doesn't constitute weeks.  I am going to leave on August 15th and move into my apartment on August 19th.   I'm leaving that Friday because it is sooner to count and so very impatient!

Good news in the financial department.  The government increased the loan limits, so now I can get 2,000 more dollars for the year.  That is very, very good news because now I won't owe the school money come July-- they will actually give me money.    I've also been applying for scholarships and doing essay contest scholarship things, so hopefully I will win one of those or something because that would be fantabulous. (which apparently, people, is a real world according to firefox).  

My grandma also said that she would help me out every month so between that, school money, and a job, I should be perfectly financially secure and able to go.  This is very, very thrilling for me because it is very very important that I go to Chico.  


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