Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Went to My Grandma's House

We went to my grandma's new house a few days ago, it was good.  She has a very large living room!  It is great that she moved closer from where she lived, three hours away, but she is still a good 45 minutes away, and unfortunately, it seems that we will probably see her just about as much because it is so far out of the way.   I can't say that her new house is any bigger than her old house but she does have a really nice big living room.

She made some of the best food ever for dinner though.  She also made some really good appetizers.  She made these amazing tomato things stuffed with bacon with this mayonnaise dip.  I am not sure that the way that I am describing it makes it sound good, but it really, really was!  It was delicious!!

I tried taking the children on a short walk since she said we couldn't eat for about an hour after we got there, which was a bit much for the kids, but it was sooo cold!  I put my sweater on junior and it was huge.  Although he did think it was a stitch that he got to wear my sweater. Hehehe.


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