Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Twenty-Two More Thursdays

Every Thursday here is trash day, and a day that I hate strictly because it's trash day. Why hate trash day, you say? Because it's such an unbelievable pain!!! My neighbor gets very, very angry if the trash can is not brought back very soon after the trash man comes so I have to wake up early to go and fetch it. Only, I can never sleep well on Wednesday night because I always have dreams that 1. I forgot to bring the trash back, 2. The trash can spilled and trash is all over the road, or 3. a combination of both. So far, none of those has really happened, but it's still stressful. It's what would happen if I don't bring it back that is scary, not the act itself. Oh well, I try pretend that it's like I'm on a farm and I've gone to fetch the cows. I even went so far as to name the trash can Bessy, although I'm not really certain who puts their cows out to pasture so early in the morning and then brings them back again.... but you never know.

Now, here's the very exciting part, in twenty-two more Thursday, I will no longer be here to fetch the trashcan. Heck, I can forget about it all together and have Wednesday nights back again! You see, I'm a headed to Chico in the fall!! Not only will I finally be able to take Latin, just a side note really, but I won't have to wake up early to get the trash!! Woohoooo!!!

Yeah, it's gonna be great. I can hardly wait. I need to get one of those ticker things so I can count this sucker down.


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