Monday, May 11, 2009

So busy!!

So to everyone that I haven't been updating anymore or dropping very much, but life has just been so very hectic lately!! This is the last week of school and next week is finals!! And, we also have to move next week, so that is going to be so much fun!! Not!! Anyway, at least we won't have to deal with moving a lot, at least I think that we won't have to move a lot.

The weather has also been heating up and because of that, I've been feeling not too good, well, that and stress from everything that has been going on. Hopefully though, as soon as these next two weeks are over, life might calm down a little bit and not be so stressful!! One can hope anyway, can't they?

I did get an amazing amount of work done these last few days though. I was able to finish up four book reviews that I hadn't done yet and I was able to read a play that I have to write a paper on. I hope to get that paper finished tomorrow and a few others things. Once I get that paper done, I only have to write one more paper and then I should be good for awhile!

I'm just glad that even though these next few weeks are going to be stressful, I am happy that my list of things to get done is ever diminishing!!!


Shannon said...

Good Luck on your move?!

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Signe said...

This is definitely a busy time of year! Good luck with it all.

Coupon Codes said...

Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. But that's not always such a bad thing.

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