Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm sorry to all of my readers that I haven't updated for awhile. My life has just been so busy as of late! Firstly, I had to finish up school, then pack up, then store stuff, then drive in the car for awhile and then head up to my mom's house. Tori and I are currently on vacation up here for about another week or so. At least, I think that it will be another week or so, I am not really sure.

So far, our vacation has been doing okay. There has just been a massive amount of stuff to do and I am not overly fond of doing a massive amount of stuff. Today alone, we have to finish cleaning up, I have to do laundry, play outside with the kids, go on a picnic, take shower, and go to the store. All of that before dinner too!!! I can definitely say that if I thought my life was busy before, I was wrong... or it was busy in a different way.

I also got a super cool new phone earlier this week, it is a samsung rant. I can type on it because it has a full keyboard, watch tv, listen to music, find out where I am going-- thanks to the gps feature, and more. Yeah, I'm a fan... it was sort of touch and go there for a moment because I accidentally dropped it in the toilet (yes, it was clean water) but it is working again. Good thing I bought phone insurance though!!

Anyway, I have to get back to my picnic planning. I'll update more later!!


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