Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday 13

I know that it is a little late, but I decided to do a Thursday Thirteen for this week. This week, I am doing Thirteen Things that I put off that I shouldn't.

1. Doing my homework. Unfortunately I do this a lot, which only leads to trouble for me later.

2. Doing my laundry--- what I can say? The laundry place is far and I have a lot of clothes.

3. Doing the dishes- Although I am getting better on this one, but I am also trying to conserve water and not wash my dishes if I only have one thing to wash. I do, as a rule though, always wash all of my dishes for the day before I go to bed.

4. Putting away the dishes-- this I am bad at, but so is everyone else who lives with me and quite frequently we have an abundance of clean dishes on the counter.

5. Going to bed at a good time. I always put off going to bed so that I can get more done. Not so smart in the long run, I know.

6. Going to the store. I don't like going grocery shopping because I find it to be hassle, so I often put that off too.

7. Responding to emails that I don't have an immediate answer to. Sometimes I'll let emails go for a long time after I should have responded. I definitely need to work on that!

8. Writing school papers. I suppose that this would really fall under the category of homework, but I neglect to this at a proper time all the time!

9. Taking out the recycling. Because of where the recycling bin is in the house, I often forget to take it out until I go over there and look at it. Sad, I know, but true. All of this making me sound like I am a bad house-keeper or ultra messy, which isn't true either.

10. The Thursday Thirteen! Obviously I've been putting this off, although I don't dread doing it or anything, I just forget to do it until it is so late that it isn't Thursday anymore. Sad, I know because I actually enjoy doing it!

11. Planning what to make for dinner. Since moving here, it just seems that I have like no ideas for dinner, so I often wait until the last second to figure out what I am going to make. So, we often have very similar things or just repeats of other things.

12. Making appointments. I always put this off because I am never sure of when I will want to do something.

13. Shredding old papers. I have so many right now that I have to shred, but I keep putting it off because it will be a hassle. I shouldn't do that, I know, but I do!

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