Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nice Cool Weather

I'm so excited because the weather has cooled down tremendously and we are now experiencing weather in the 60s and the 70s, which I can handle a lot better than weather in the late 90s and early 100s. That was much, much too hot for own personal comfort. It looks like the cool weather will at least last until next week, but I don't know beyond that. Hopefully, it will stay nice and cool here until I go back home for the summer. It would be most excellent if Torii and I could escape the bulk of the heat. I am sure, of course, that it will be really hot when we come back here in August, but at least I am prepared for it. I am so glad that we are not going to be spending the summer here just because it would be so super hot and I am sure that we would be miserable. I don't know how anyone could be comfortable in the heat because it is just nasty when it is so hot outside that there is nothing worth doing because it would exhaust you too much to even go out there!

In other news, semi-related, I finally figured out which storage place that I am going to use over the summer. There is one right across the street from where we currently are, so it will be very convenient when we are going to put our stuff in there. In August, when we come back, we aren't leaving here again, but it is the same road, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to pick up our stuff, and drive it to our new apartment.

Now, all I have to do before summer vacation is finish up the rest of my school work. Luckily, I don't have too much left to do, but I do have enough that I will feel ever so much better when I get it all done and come move on with my life. I can't believe that it is almost May! Time surely does fly because it still feels like yesterday that Tori and I were heading down here for school!


Signe said...

Ours has cooled down (from 85-90) to about 55. But I've had enough and am so ready for summer/spring again!

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