Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Did you ever stop to think about all of the planning that goes into a sporting event? First, you have the various teams or players who have to practice constantly to make sure that they are on their game. Then you have the event organizers who have to plan and plan and plan to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Then, you have a company like THG, part of Marcus Evans, who provides world-class hospitality and entertainment at sporting events. All of that is a lot of work, but because those people do that work, it means that people who go to sporting events, like you and me, are able to have the time of their lives!

THG provides entertainment to people at some of the most exclusive sporting events in the world. Now, you might think that a sporting event would be enough in the way of entertainment, but really it is not. Most high-class sporting events, like the Grand Prix, are held in locations far from home. That means people will need something to do before and after the sporting event and they will need some level of hospitality. They also need taking care of during the event. That is where THG steps in and fills in the void.

Now you might be wondering how you can get in on all of the action that THG has to offer for those who utilize their services. The way this usually works, and has worked for many Fortune 500 companies, is that you, or your company, hires THG to take care of your people while they are off having the time of their lives at the sporting event. By allowing THG to cater to your peoples needs, you show your people how much they mean to you and it helps to foster a sense of loyalty between you and them.

THG does this for events all over the world. So, if you are interested, please check them out here-THG Worldwide. They really do have the best packages out there!



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