Sunday, March 1, 2009

Incredibly Rainy Today!

It has been very rainy today, which was nice on the one hand because we really need the rain but bad on the other hand because I had to run a few errands. Of course, if I had been smart, I would have ran my errands yesterday-- which I had meant to do but I forget. So, I had to go out today. Luckily, I was smart enough to wait until there was a lull in the rain and then just get what I needed and then leave again. Unfortunately though, since I was in such a hurry, I actually forgot to get quite a lot of stuff. Okay, it is isn't that much-- vegetables, pasta sauce, juice, etc... but I did mean to get it today!! It turned alright in the end though because if I had bought everything that had been on my list, then I would have been in trouble because it was hard enough to carry what I did buy let alone all of the groceries that I wanted to buy! It is gong to rain tomorrow as well, but with a little bit of luck, there will be a lull so that I can go out again. If not, I'll just have to brave the rain-- something that I am not actually looking forward to doing!

In other related news, our power went out a few times today. Of course, when it goes out here, it only stays out for a few minutes and then it will come back on. But, the last time it went out tonight, it stayed out for ten minutes and so many people were freaking out outside. Now, where I used to live, we would get blackouts that would last for days and days, so a ten minute black out does not freak me out. It was very, very dark though and I hope that it doesn't go out anymore since everything here is electric. ...


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