Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for Midterms, Already?

Blech, it seems like the semester just started but it is already time for midterms! I have two next week and then one the week after. I'm glad that was ahead on my homework, but now I am feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit behind, even though I am not behind. I've been filling out some of my study guides and reading, but the pressure is most definitely on! I also have three different papers due before spring break. That is going to be much fun, but at least I don't have a lot of papers due immediately before spring break. That would not be fun! I do, however, have another midterm after spring break. Oh well, I guess that all I can do is study! At least I have this weekend to study and work on stuff before I take my tests next week.


shimumsy said...

good luck on your exams. thanks for advertising in my blog. have a wonderful day.

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