Thursday, February 26, 2009


Using a computer has become part of daily life for many people; however, this has also led to increased incidences of carpal tunnel and/or sore hands and wrists. One great way to reduce the negative effects of typing to use a breadou!

A breadou, as many of you may or may not know, is an up and coming wrist rest that smells and looks like real bread. As well, many of the breadous can also be used as stress balls. Breadous are unique in that they are eco-friendly and made from NASA memory foam. To find out more please visit this link- Breadou, unique gifts, and/or ergonomic wrist rest!


@lex Chua said...

You are invited to Breadou's official website @

Breadou Original - launched in June 2008
Breadou Emoticon - launched in Aug 2008
Breadou Loaf - launched in Oct 2008
Breadou Goody Murphy - launched in Nov 2008
Breadou Donut - launched in Dec 2008
Breadou Swiss Roll - launched in Dec 2008
Breadou Torto - launched in January 2009
Breadou Slice of Love - launched in February 2009
Breadou Emoticon Keyring - launched in February 2009

TheBreadou dot Com said...

Hey Alex Chua, I make your life easier, don't I?

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