Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anne of Green Gables is....

An irrelevant piece of literature? I don't think so! That is just what some fellow last night had the audacity to tell me! Irrelevant for whom? In the score of all fiction, I'd say that Anne of Green Gables and other works by L M Montgomery have their place. Hello! She is one of Canada's most famous authors, if not the most famous! I don't think that it irrelevant in the slightest. Then the same guy hadn't even heard of who Miss Marple is and said that Agatha Christie was also irrelevant to the world of literature. Here again, I'd beg to differ. The really sad thing is that this guy was an English Lit major. Oh the horror.


Beth said...

I'm always sorry to hear that people think that way, but I have run into my share of book snobs as well. There are people who are quick to dismiss authors simply because their works are popular. Well, as far as I'm concerned, if a book speaks to me then it's a relevant piece of literature. And frankly, a book's popularity shouldn't automatically exclude it from being relevant. Book snobs, bah! :(

And for the record, I love everything that L.M. Montgomery ever wrote.

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