Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thunder and Lighning, Oh my!

Today has been a rather stormy day complete with rain, thunder and lightning! I had wanted to go to the store to pick up a few things, but I think that I had better wait until the thunder and the lightning go away. Somehow it doesn't seem like a very smart idea to be walking around in all of that! Besides, what I need to get at the store can wait. Tori and I are just going to be picking up a few things for school lunches and what not. I also promised Tori that I would get her some meat for her freezer since the store is currently having a sale! Luckily, everything will still be on sale later tonight and tomorrow! I also think that I want to get some more tomato sauce- there are just so many purposes for it and I always seem to be running out. I also finished off my eggs so I need to go ahead and get some more. Eggs too, like tomato sauce, have so many good uses that I am also constantly running out those too! Anyway, since it is still raining and the thunder and lightning are still occurring, I think that I might watch a movie or read a book. So long as the lightning doesn't hit the power line or come through the apartment, I think I'll be fine!


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