Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Returning Even More EC Drops

So, I guess 320 EC drops wasn't enough to have to return because yesterday I got 366 entrecard drops to return with 300 drops. Here is what I did with my 300 drops. I tried to get those I couldn't the day before and I tried only to drop on one or two blogs that had the same author. I did that in an attempt to reach more people with blogs who dropped on me yesterday. I'm truly sorry if skipped someone twice, I certainly didn't mean to! If you want me to drop on you again, the best solution that I can see is for you to drop on me again and that way you will move up in my queue. Anyway, I certainly never ever expected to have this problem with my blog, but I admit it is a fun problem to have. It is much better than having nobody drop on me or read my blog! I guess we'll see what I get tonight!


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I feel I dropped 280 cards and it took me literally 4 hours to do it.....only because I dont just drop and rung, but look around and read a bit, comment a bit....the time flies by

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